Sep 09 2008

CCNA Training Prep

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Well I’ve made the decision to test for my CCNA certification. It would be a useful certification to have since I work with networks everyday. Ok, so I check out some of the training classes and notice that it cost big bucks to attend them, we’re talking thousands of dollars. Well let’s look into just getting the training book from the store. Hum, that’s a big book – Oh and look there is even a two book combo, delightful. Of course these books are not cheap either but I go ahead get them. Do you know that putting a book under your pillow or having it close at hand doesn’t help you learn the stuff, ah if only. Now I have to buckle down and read these things. Several months later and I am still reading them. I’m going through the chapters one by one until I understand everything and the next night I look at the same chapter and think; did I read that yesterday, I could have sworn that that wasn’t in there. I need to work on my study habits – or get a new brain.

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Aug 06 2007

1) My first note

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In the beginning it was good. The options, profiles, and varibles were tremendous. Network Solutions made adding this blog a snap (it was included as an option in the Hosting Manager). Now it is up to me to fill it with wordy goodness.

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